H.R. (Rich) Hutter

H.R. (Rich) Hutter grew up on a farm in Northern Ohio. This instilled the work ethic that helped drive him in his pursuits. He went to Fenn College of Engineering and worked at the steel mill for his co-op jobs. At Eaton Corporation, he tripled his territory’s sales in 3 years and was promoted to sales manager at the age of 29 where the division’s sales increased from about$9,000,000/year to $32,000,000/year in 4 years. After finishing his MBA at CWRU’s Weatherhread School of Management, he started two businesses. His partnership owned 4 restaurants and 11 sub-franchises. At the same time, he bought out a manufacturer’s representative company and grew their sales from$1,500,000/year to $15,000,000/year in 10 years.

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