Gennaro Giulio Tedeschi

Gennaro Giulio Tedeschi, born in Naples (Italy), is a licensed FIFA agent since 2013. One of the IAFA (Italian Association of Football Agents) co-founding members, he is also the leading figure and presenter of the program “Football Talks” at the London One Radio, a BBC supplier radio of London. CEO and Founder of Tedeschi & Partners Football Factor Agency, he is also a member of the AIAS (Associazione Italiana Avvocati dello Sport) that, in 2016, granted him a certification of specialization in law and economics of sport. He is also one of the attendees of the “Football Business Academy” Master of Geneve (Switzerland), and of the Harvard Business School Negotiation Mastery, Boston (United States). He is directly following the interests of 25 professionals. Currently, he lives in Naples, with operative offices in London and New York.

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