Evan Bulmer

Evan Bulmer has been actively buying, operating and selling businesses for over 20 years. One of these businesses was his own, Evan Bulmer and Associates, which he established as a 25 year old accountant. Evan is much more than ‘just an accountant’: he helps businesses create and sustain wealth, with his combined clients having generated over 500 million dollars in value via the growth of their business. Numerous clients attribute their success to the business disciplines that Evan, in his forthright and clear way, has helped them build into their daily practice. His passion for business has translated into a 12 year involvement in “The Executive Connection” and also one of only four Australians in the US-based “Million Dollar Consultants Hall of Fame”. Evan lives with his wife Nicole, their beautiful daughter Maddison, and the latest addition to the family, Bella, a blue heeler pup.

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