Eliane Karsaklian

Eliane Karsaklian, PhD, has lived and worked in several countries for more than 20 years, and has extensive knowledge and experience in intercultural relationships and negotiation techniques. She masters five languages and spends half of her time researching and teaching international business, and half consulting with companies in their international activities’ development. Now a day, she lives in Paris, is professor at Université de la Sorbonne and is the founder of Ubi&Orbi, cabinet specialized in accompanying companies in their settlements abroad. She has lived and worked in, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Brazil, England, and the United States. In addition to those countries, she works and teaches in Australia, China, Egypt, India, Japan, Lebanon, Singapore, the US, and several South American countries. In Paris, she is the director of the Master Program in International Negotiation at Sorbonne. Her research activities have led her up to develop tools to work with international negotiators, expatriates, and diversity managers. She has published several articles and books in the field of international business.

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