Domenico LePore

Dr. Domenico Lepore was educated as a physicist and began his consulting career in Italy before relocating to North America where he founded Intelligent Management Inc. For over 20 years Domenico has advised CEOs and decision makers internationally and, with his team, has led dozens of implementations of his management methodology, The Decalogue, in a wide variety of industries and supply chains, from mining to IT, including startups, family businesses and multinationals. His methodology powerfully combines the work of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt; it creates high and sustained focus and synchronization of resources to optimize flow while reducing variation. The proprietary web-based software, Ess3ntial, synchronizes competencies and supports the transition from a hierarchical, functional organization to a truly systemic one through a finite capacity, synchronized network of projects. A new Canadian citizen, Domenico has a passion for cinema and Pilates. He owes to his years in New York his love for Chabad Chassidus and a commitment to the application of its teachings to aid the development of breakthrough results for organizations.

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