Dhruva Trivedy

Dhruva Trivedy was born to a family of artists, performing arts included. His parents were from two different cultural and language backgrounds but were conscientious about values and tried to hand them over, as best as they could. From schooling to post graduation he attempted to collect all the pebbles that lay on the shores of knowledge, streaming through friends, teachers, elders, colleagues and also helping hands. With a post-graduation in HR from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, he began his quest to exploit his interper- sonal abilities and build on them. He moved out of his comfort zones, first from HR domain to operations, from corporate to consulting and dabbled with his love for academics by doing part-time assignments with B-Schools. His admiration for consulting kept him preoccupied with the throes and challenges of change. His blogs and articles have been published by magazines, journals, and newspaper dailies. He has been adorned with the title of a “Thought Leader” by CIPD, London on the centenary celebrations of the CIPD in 2013.

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