Charles Clark

Charles Clark is an independent consultant to the electricity industry. His service spans a period of forty years. He has worked on capacity expansion planning, operations analysis, energy efficiency, renewable energy, compliance with environmental policies, global climate change, finance, risk management, retail product design, fuel inventory management, and demand forecasting. Mr. Clark led and worked on teams that developed and commercialized many widely used software products for the electricity industry. He has consulted for government agencies, non-profits, research organizations, financial institutions, and companies that serve over eighty percent of the nation’s electric load. Mr. Clark has presented testimony in regulatory hearings. In addition he has worked with companies in Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia. Finally he has consulted for suppliers of natural gas, bio fuels, coal, engineering, and equipment to the electricity industry. Mr. Clark earned an MBA at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and an MS in Operations Research from Stanford University.

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