Carolina A. Adaros Boye

Carolina A. Adaros Boye is an electronics engineer from Viña del Mar, Chile. Her work experience includes industrial control and automation, IT quality models, process improvement, and consultancy in IT solutions. After her MSc in analytics and risk analysis in the University of Manchester, she was enthusiastic about risk management. In 2015, she started learning about cybersecurity, as a field that allowed the integration of different topics of her interest, and in 2017 she started doing her PhD in cybersecurity in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Her passion about this topic came from her career vocation to bring technology and business professionals closer. This motivated her to write several articles about cybersecurity management, published in 2018 in magazines such as IISP Pulse (UK) and Cibertime (Chile). In 2019, she moved to Germany to work in IoT incident and vulnerability management while continuing with her PhD research.

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