The Vice-Chairman’s Doctrine: Rocking the Top in Industry Version 4.0


A masterful, thought-provoking and engaging non-fiction read, The Vice Chairman’s Doctrine is a must-read business book. –Anthony Alvina’s Book Review Blog

The focus on transformative business experiences, the wellsprings of creativity and flexibility that lead to success, and the stories that back these experiences set this business book apart from almost every other discussion on the market. It’s an invitation to embrace a new form of corporate identity and excels in reframing the business perspective.–Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

There are books about product and companies but no books about a company as a product.

The Vice Chair arrives from orbit around a corporation with a doctrine of leadership without authority for business warriors who reject control, live in a world of influencers, and aspire to become one.

Process and culture converge as competitive advantage by refashioning priorities for Industry 4.0 through unorthodox lenses in a no holds-barred treatment of influence and leverage complete with coaching, mantras, and essential tales of leadership. Competitive action is focused through design thinking and transformation within a social system. A greater metamorphosis combines personal development with management of a company as though it were a product, leading to culture, branding, and innovation in the form of actionable values.


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Ian Domowitz

Ian Domowitz is former Vice Chairman of Investment Technology Group [NYSE: ITG] and CEO of ITG Solutions Network Inc., a pioneer in the application of machine learning to institutional trading …

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March 30, 2022





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