The Practical Guide to Transforming Your Company


The Practical Guide to Transforming Your Company is a concise handbook for conducting business transformations—defining and implementing a redirection in the company’s core business or in its strategic positioning. Starting where such programs as LEAN and Six Sigma leave off, the text offers a well-proven methodology for conducting a comprehensive transformation (not a process-by-process efficiency enhancement).
The book provides dozens of forms, figures, templates, and checklists the authors have developed through personal experience leading successful corporate efforts. In a sequence paralleling the process of transformation, individual chapters are devoted to the roles and responsibilities of the company leadership, the workforce, and the board of directors. Principles are reinforced by illuminating key success factors by examining government and commercial projects from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Written by two individuals with proven track records, this book is sure to produce success in any transformation endeavor.


About the Author(s)

Daniel Plung

Dr. Daniel L. Plung has 40+ years of leadership experience in a variety of United Kingdom and United States Fortune 500 corporations. His assignments have included responsibility for all project phase…

Connie Krull

Connie J. Krull has more than 25+ years of experience supporting and managing infrastructure, and operations activities. She has had a succession of assignments focused on strategic management and str…

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April 10, 2020





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