Strategic Engagement: Practical Tools to Raise Morale and Increase Results, Volume I: Core Activities


Organization development is a process of planned change. The process never goes exactly as planned, but we need guidance and a map nevertheless. Chris Crosby provides in three well-written and easy to understand books the required expertise regarding guidance and the way forward. The first book draws the big picture and explains the relevant and necessary guidance followed by the other two volumes that provide the complete package of tools to facilitate the intricate process covered in the initial book. Chris has the requisite experience and wisdom so greatly needed in this new century to lead and manage change. — W. Warner Burke, PhD, Edward L. Thorndike Professor of Psychology and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University
This book is a great ‘pocket book’—a leader’s best friend—saturated with a roadmap that puts theory into action. An organization is a ‘net- work of relationships’. Crosby highlights the many ways this network can fumble while providing clear steps to upgrade the entire system. Too many books give glamour to theory while missing the link of how theory is implemented. —Timothy Weber, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Chris has provided us with a virtual outline for a graduate-level program in OD! Amazing work! —Dr. John J. Scherer, Co-Director, Scherer Leadership Center
I have an extensive collection of business books, and this is a real gem. I started my last two CEO positions with transition sessions as outlined in this collection, led by Chris. In this book are activities that I have used to reach record results.—Brian Bauerbach, President & CEO, Mold Rite Plastics
An immensely practical book that will help people create organizations that get results. Chris has organized this into an easy-to-understand guide. Executives should read it with no less reverence than they would read their company’s financial report. —Ethan Schutz, President & CEO, The Schutz Company
Gallup’s State of the American Workplace showed that workplaces that are actively engaged outperform workplaces that are disengaged in every measure. Crosby’s two-volume set contains eight activities that create an engaged workplace and improve results. Volume One, The Core Activities, starts with an overview and a chapter on building an engagement strategy to break long- standing dysfunction. Crosby then provides chapters on various conflict resolutions, transition meetings, and work group development.

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Chris Crosby

Chris is an international consultant who helps organizations succeed by aligning people to measurable goals. His unique strategic engagement methods help leaders connect their whole organization to ov…

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