Revenue Management in Service Organizations


Revenue management is concerned with maximizing revenue flows while controlling costs and offers a new framework for locating conventional management accounting concepts and methods, in combination with notions of yield management, pricing and process management. The revenue objective provides a unifying goal for the aforementioned concepts and methods that are especially suitable for service organizations where revenue considerations are inextricably linked to the activities performed. This book places revenue management at the forefront of management accounting with cost management and performance measurement in supporting roles. Revenue management introduces new ideas such as yield management, while uniting previously disparate subjects such as project management, capacity costing, and the theory of constraints. Methods of pricing and their associated strategies are included as well as techniques for segmenting consumer markets.

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Paul Rouse

Dr. Paul Rouse is an associate professor at the University of Auckland and has taught and researched revenue management for many years. He spe-cializes in performance measurement and linear optimizati…

William Maguire

Dr. William Maguire is a senior lecturer at the University of Tasmania. William’s teaching, research, and consulting spans strategy, management control and performance measurement, and cost management…

Julie Harrison

Dr. Julie Harrison is a senior lecturer at the University of Auckland and is involved in teaching and researching revenue management. Previously she worked as a transfer pricing consultant.

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January 21, 2011





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