Protecting the Brand, Volume II: Busting the Bootlegs


Protecting the Brand, Volume II: Busting the Bootlegs follows Volume I which provides a unique combination of legal and business best practices related to intellectual property protection.

This second volume showcases U.S. states specific legal statues and examples related to legal approach to counterfeiting and grey market issues. The primary emphasis is to prove advice to U.S. companies navigating the complex domestic legislation and provide a single source of reference for both law practitioners and those tasked with intellectual property rights enforcement and compliance who need to understand the applicable state legislation.

Both volumes of this book are focused on leveraging trademark enforcement while also commenting on copyright and patent enforcement, establishing a framework for successful brand protection in the future.


About the Author(s)

Peter Hlavnicka

Peter Hlavnicka is a founder and CEO of Phi Ventures Pte. Ltd. as well as Venture Partner at R3i Ventures Pte. Ltd. based in Singapore and is specializing in deeptech and medtech, global IP com…

Anthony Keats

Anthony M. Keats is a founding partner of Keats Gatien LLP, a leading intellectual property law firm in Los Angeles, California. He has developed and enforced the IP of rights holders against I…

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April 26, 2022





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