Projects, Programs, and Portfolios in Strategic Organizational Transformation


Projects are a part of everyday life in an organization. However, the management of projects by an organization during substantial transformation is less certain in both practice and study. An awareness of how to manage increasingly complex projects, and collections of projects, to achieve the benefits of organizational transformation becomes ever more crucial in the implementation of new strategies.
This book illustrates how the traditional practice of project management advances to handle the more complex problems inherent to strategic transformation. The linkages among projects, operations, and the foundations of an organization provide a perspective of how an organization pursues the difficult changes required of comprehensive transformation.


About the Author(s)

James Jiang

James J. Jiang is professor of information systems with National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. Professor Jiang’s expertise centers on information technology project, program, and portfolio manage…

Gary Klein

Gary Klein is the Couger Professor of Information Systems at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. His expertise includes project management, information system development, and mathem…

Wayne Huang

Wei (Wayne) Huang is a nationally prestigious Yangtze Chair Professor, the dean of Business College, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), and an affiliated Jiangzuo Professor of Xi…

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February 10, 2020





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