Negotiating With Winning Words: Dialogue and Skills to Help You Come Out Ahead in Any Business Negotiation


You are about to go into an important negotiation. You have done your homework and you have a plan and a strategy. But now you are face to face with the other person. What should you say, when should you say it, how should you say it?
That is what this book is all about. What do you say to gather the information you need, set expectations, build relationships, and create a win-win situation? How do you actually use negotiating tactics and strategies in a whole verity of situations?What should you say to close and wrap up the deal?
This book will guide you through the entire negotiating process and make sure that you have the right words at your fingertips for any negotiating situation that you encounter. The author also walks you through some key business negotiations, including a sales negotiation, a purchasing negotiation, and even how to negotiate salary and benefits for a new job. It is all here. A complete overview of the negotiation process and scripts you can use and modify to fit any situation.


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Michael Schatzki

Michael Schatzki is an experienced professional negotiator. He has conducted negotiation training seminars and workshops for businesses, non-profit organizations and professional groups throughout the…

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December 28, 2017





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