Mobilizing the C-Suite: Waging War Against Cyberattacks


Cyberattacks are more destructive than ever, but your c-suite can stop them. This book tells you how.

Cyberattacks are worse now than ever before. To defeat cybercriminals, companies must focus on the low-hanging fruits of cybersecurity. It’s all about the basics. Companies laid low by ransomware failed to practice good cyber hygiene by recklessly allowing weak or reused passwords, not turning on multi-factor authentication, or neglecting to install patches to known software vulnerabilities.

Adding insult to grievous injury, many companies failed to mitigate cyber doom by not encrypting their devices, not implementing a data backup plan, or the mother of all screw-ups, not training their workforce on basic cyber hygiene.

Worse still, hidden risks abound for the unwary. A devastating cyberattack is just moments away when c-suite leaders close their eyes to the hazards of shadow IT, data offshoring, mobile devices, and social media.

Mobilizing the C-Suite: Waging War Against Cyberattacks is a call to arms for c-suite leaders to implement the tried-and-true cybersecurity countermeasures proven to thwart cyberattacks. In addition, this book is a handy, entertaining guide explaining fundamental cybersecurity principles to non-geek c-suite leaders.

Cyberattacks are an existential threat to your business. However, by focusing on the basics of cybersecurity, c-suite leaders can thwart even the most sophisticated cybercriminals and fight back against destructive cyberattacks.


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Frank Riccardi

Frank Riccardi, JD, CHC, is a privacy and cybersecurity expert and former c-level executive with 25 years of experience developing compliance and privacy programs for large healthcare systems. …

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March 6, 2023





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