Management Skills for Clinicians, Volume II: Advancing Your Skills


This book will be helpful in supporting those wanting to promote in the field.—Louise Delgado, LPC, CEO of Solvista Health I like the book using the numerous other authorities from which Linda has drawn . . . this book will become the ‘go-to’ source because with it you can find tons of resources if special attention is needed in one area. —Curtis Smith, Attorney, former board member of MHCD
In this second volume for clinicians who have transitioned into administration, we continue the journey to advance management skills. Developing business skills in hiring, human resource management, and financial management will help garner and administer the resources that support a team’s important work. Readers will learn to embrace conflict and handle it constructively, as well as deepen skills for developing personal and team member strengths to enhance performance and sustain success as a health care manager.

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Linda R. LaGanga

Linda R. LaGanga has 30 years of management experience. With a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling, she worked directly with clients in community men- tal health. She applied her …

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May 10, 2019





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