Living a Leadership Lifestyle: A Guide for New and Aspiring Leaders


Living a Leadership Lifestyle is a different type of leadership book that approaches leadership from a unique perspective. Rather than focusing on specific leadership skills, this book argues that successful leadership begins by living leadership as a lifestyle and having leadership mindsets that guide decisions and behaviors daily.

After describing his own leadership journey and personal leadership quest across continents and cultures, the author shares 13 key Insights for living a leadership lifestyle, including:

  • Build and protect your personal leadership brand.
  • Failure is opportunity in disguise.
  • Be courageous and carve your own path.

Living a Leadership Lifestyle is a pragmatic book demonstrating the characteristics of good leadership essential for aspiring leaders. By developing and harnessing the leadership mindsets shared, readers will self-administer a “tonic” for the challenges life brings nurturing the resilience, self-awareness, and courage required to help readers carve their own path to success.


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Ross Emerson

Ross Emerson is a consultant and executive coach with over 30 years of global business experience who now provides senior executive coaching and consulting services to senior…

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July 11, 2023





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