Lean Thinking for Emerging Healthcare Leaders


Lean Thinking for Emerging Healthcare Leaders: How to Develop Yourself and Implement Process Improvements aims to solve the issues in modern day healthcare by handing over the reins of the improvement process to healthcare professionals. Putting those who are doing the work and are closest to the actual situation in the lead.

The purpose of this book is to help you understand how to develop yourself and your leadership in such a way that will best benefit your team and your patients. This includes change management practices that will help to build commitment with your team members, colleagues, management, patients, and other stakeholders.

This book educates you, as a leading medical professional, in the principles and values of Lean leadership and management. It will teach you how to improve healthcare from the inside, making it safer, better, faster, more accessible, and more affordable.

With this book we want to inspire, motivate, and stimulate you to lead continuous improvement—while being respectful to people—on your way to ideal care for every patient.

The primary target audience for the book are medical professionals who have (recently) acquired leadership, management, or business responsibilities. The book will also be of high value to those who obtained temporary leadership positions, like project leaders, problem solvers, change managers, and innovators.

Because most of the teachings in the book are meta skills and ways of thinking, the book is easily relatable and transferable to other disciplines and even sectors.

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Arnout Orelio

Arnout Orelio has been working with lean management since 1995, the last 15 years as a trainer, coach and consultant in healthcare. He is the owner of The Lean Mentor. He helps people who want …

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September 23, 2020





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