Lead With AI: Igniting Company Growth with Artificial Intelligence


Forget the hype, the tech buzzwords, and the mystifying charm of AI. If you’re not channeling AI for business success, it’s all just noise. Whether you are aiming to pioneer technological change, fuel growth through AI, or spark its transformative power, Lead with AI is your blueprint.

The author—a seasoned technologist and MIT graduate—takes us on a journey to the epicenter of modern technological evolution. From the bustling innovation hub of Kendall Square to intimate study sessions unveiling pivotal AI concepts, the book goes beyond AI’s technicalities to spotlight its applications in real-world business scenarios.

In a sea of AI content, Lead with AI stands apart. It’s not just about building AI systems; it’s about crafting an environment where AI truly thrives, delivering unmatched value.

How will the reader benefit?

This book transforms AI from a buzzword into a practical tool for industry leaders. By mastering the insights in this book, leaders, managers, and professionals will be able to:

  • Integrate AI seamlessly into strategic decision-making.
  • Recognize AI-driven opportunities throughout the company.
  • Assess AI’s potential pitfalls and limitations in business settings.
  • Boost organizational performance with AI-driven strategies.


About the Author(s)

Amir Elkabir

Amir Elkabir is a globally renowned expert in software delivery and applied AI. He has contributed to top tech magazines and frequently graces international stages as a speaker. Throughout his career, Amir has successfully led prominent AI and machine learning initiatives, now offering his expertise to leading organizations while holding executive roles in the industry.

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May 14, 2024



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