Integrated Delivery: Innovating Leadership for Outstanding Healthcare Outcomes


The 2020 pandemic proved past best practices too brittle for future challenges. An integrative model of leadership, synergizing the competing values and approaches of other models, is needed. This book focuses on the innovative leadership framework that can support emerging best practices in health care organizations. The practices of innovation and strategic management are indispensable.
Within, you will read about:
‧ Health care’s past, present, and future trajectory,
‧ How innovation is related and required for ongoing success (and the different kinds of innovation at a leader’s disposal), and
‧ The components and practices of strategic management, and how they integrate into the three modes of leadership: anticipatory, strategic, and administrative. Each is highlighted and the attributes of supporting tools summarized.
Unlike other leadership books, this one offers a systemic and sustainable perspective. This approach is not simply a “sustain the moment and worry about tomorrow later” approach. It is a “sustain the future, integrating it into our present paradigm now” approach. Especially important is the effort taken to explain and apply matters related to uncertainty, anticipation, as well as approaching future readiness.

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David Stehlik

A passionate strategist, educator, and advisor, Dr. David Stehlik is the Business Administration Program Director for the Keith Busse School of Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership at the Universit…

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January 6, 2021





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