Humanistic Management: Leadership and Trust, Volume I: Foundations, Cases, and Exercises


Humanistic management agenda is to protect human dignity and promote societal well-being. The currently dominant theories prioritize economistic goals of profits and productivity at the cost of threatening sustainability. A humanistic perspective offers an alternative for purposeful organizing that serves people and the planet.
This two-volume set of books offers humanistic theory and practical exercises on topics of leadership and trust in volume one and social entrepreneurship and mindfulness in volume two. Each topic is introduced with a conceptual lead chapter followed by a case-study or exercise to apply and engage by using examples.


About the Author(s)

Michael Pirson

Michael Pirson is the social entrepreneurship track chair for the Oikos-Ashoka Global Case Writing Competition in Social Entrepreneurship at Fordham University and a research fellow at Harvard Univers…

Jyoti Bachani

Jyoti Bachani is an associate professor at Saint Mary’s College of California. With a PhD from London Business School, a masters in management science & engineering from Stanford, she has been a st…

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November 22, 2021





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