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Turn Crisis Into Cash

Money matters got a lot scarier in 2020 and there is no end to the volatility in sight. Crisis means danger but also opportunity. To turn a profit during the next bust, or the next burst of inflation, individual investors and businesspeople must understand the economics of money, banking, and finance.

That’s what this book provides, in concise and understandable prose, with pictures. Understand inflation and interest rates, stock prices, money and monetary policy, and the basics of information and macroeconomic theory in short order.

You might not beat the market after reading just this book, but if you learn its lessons the market won’t beat up your business or investment portfolio the next time the economy tanks due to pandemic, war, high taxes, or alien invasion.

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Byron B. Carson

Byron B. Carson is an assistant professor of Economics and Business at Hampden-Sydney College in Hampden Sydney, Virginia. He regularly teaches courses on Introductory Economics, Money and Banking…

Robert E. Wright

Robert E. Wright, SUNY Buffalo, is the co-author of 24 books, the co-editor of 5 others, and the co-author of four score referred journal articles and book chapters. He has taught Money…

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July 17, 2023





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