Essential Communications Skills for Managers, Volume II: A Practical Guide for Communicating Effectively with All People in All Situations


The purpose of this book is to provide practicing and aspiring managers and students of management a practical and comprehensive reference source for communicating on the job with all people in all situations. This “how-to” book provides readers with the essential knowledge, attitudes, and skills to perform the communicating aspects of their routine and special duties. The information is presented in two volumes. Each topic is divided into “Things to Know” and “Things to Do.”
Volume II topics are divided into five sections:
‧ Sending Effective Messages
‧ The Four Methods of Communicating: Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading
‧ Planning and Conducting Productive Meetings
‧ Communicating Skills for Dealing with Special Situations
‧ Communicating Attitudes and Techniques for Coping Competently with Difficult Employees


About the Author(s)

Walter St. John

Walter St. John is a semi-retired writer with management experience in private and public sectors as well as serving as an officer in the US Army. He and his wife and dogs live in the outskirt…

Ben Haskell

Ben Haskell, MSB, retired in 2014 after serving for 26 years as executive vice president and academic dean of the New England School of Communications in Bangor, Maine. A graduate of the University of…

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January 5, 2017





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