Econometrics for Daily Lives, Volume I


Econometrics for Daily Lives helps you collect data and analyze the relationship among numerous factors facing you in your everyday activities. This first volume comprises two parts. Part I reviews basic statistics and introduces the most elementary topics in econometrics, including simple regressions and multiple regressions. Part II discusses several problems arisen in data analyses, one problem at a time, so that you can learn to deal with each problem without having to master advanced topics in econometrics. The volume is full of examples and practical guidance on how to perform data analyses using Microsoft Excel.
The author has prepared files to help with this book, and can be downloaded for free by clicking Data Analyses. These files consist of all text and Excel files that accompany the Data Analyses sections in this book.
She has also prepared a file, “Data for Exercises”, which comprises all data for the exercises in the book, as well as Answers to these Exercises, which will be given out to faculty who adopt this book.

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Tam Bang Vu

Tam Bang Vu holds an MM from Manhattan School of Music and a PhD in economics from the University of Hawaii-Manoa. She is an associate professor and the economics chair at the College of Business and …

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December 1, 2017





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