Customer Value Starvation Can Kill


Customer value starvation is a common disease in companies, both small and large – which is difficult to diagnose. It is a silent killer, like many cancers. By the time it is diagnosed, it is generally late, sometimes, too late! Mahajan and Vieira have put their expertise together to show how companies overlook value starvation. This causes irritation and frustration to customers in their interaction with the company and its personnel – in person, on telephone, net or mail. The book identifies customer DNA (Do Not Annoy) factors, and suggests how to minimize complaints; ensure customer loyalty; and long term company profitability and success. Philip Kotler, the world’s guru on marketing, said, “This book will help you think freshly about your business mission and success.” Seven well-known experts on the subject like Shep Hyken have contributed to this book. Read Customer Value Starvation Can Kill, and make life easier for your customers and yourself, and win in the marketplace!!


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Gautam Mahajan

Mr. Gautam Mahajan, president of Customer Value Foundation, is the leading global thought leader in total customer value management and value creation. He mentors the global Value Cre…

Walter Vieira

Walter Vieira pioneered marketing consulting in India in 1975, when he started Marketing Advisory Services, after a 14 year successful stint in the corporate world, starting as management trainee and …

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March 5, 2021





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