Cost Management and Control in Government: Fighting the Cost War Through Leadership Driven Management


Dr. Geiger gives us tools to attack the issue proactively, providing an attractive alternative to reacting to the budget cuts we all know are coming.– Ms. Anderson is a certified defense financial manager and a member of The American Society of Military Comptrollers. She is currently employed as the Director for Revolving Funds at the Department of Defense. Government organizations spend enormous amounts of money. They employ a large percentage of the work force. They have an undeniably huge impact on the national economy and wealth. Yet they are, for the most part, unmanaged. What passes for management is a combination of oversight and audit. Oversight is primarily reactive: offering negative feedback for failures and demanding additional rules and regulations to prevent reoccurrences. Audits look for “bright line” discrepancies and clear violations to those rules and regulations. Government operations are often criticized for “waste and mismanagement.”Yet the current situation, unfortunately, can best be described as one of “un-management” rather than “mis-management.” Government can run better. The purpose of this book is to look at how government can move from “rule driven” to “leadership driven” management. Specifically, it will document and discuss specific examples of successful cost informed decision making and cost management and control in government. It will also delineate the requirements of such success and explore the special needs of transforming the management culture of government from its well embedded past practices to a new paradigm of leadership driven management.

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Dale R. Geiger

Dr. Dale Geiger holds three degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and earned his PhD from the Harvard Business School after a seventeen-year corporate career that included several s…

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June 23, 2011





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