Competitive Intelligence and the Sales Force: How to Gain Market Leadership Through Competitive Intelligence


Government intelligence agencies throughout the world are finding once again that human abilities and sources rather than technology are more reliable and instrumental in intelligence gathering efforts. Companies have known this for quite some time and have tried to leverage their best source of competitive intelligence: the sale force! Because of their daily presence in the field and favored relationships with their customers, salespeople are the eyes and ears of their companies. In the new economic war, managers cannot take the chance of not being fully aware of the way they could be threatened by the competition. Yet, organizations face great difficulties to stimulate salespeople’s collection and dissemination of competitive intelligence, and to manage market-based intelligence efficiently. This book aims to assist sales and marketing managers in facing such challenges while providing them with action-oriented answers to the following key questions: What kind of information salespeople should collect from the field and how to transform such information into intelligence? How to improve salespeople’s competitive intelligence collection and exploitation skills? How to enhance the sales force’s commitment to competitive intelligence activities? How to manage and distill market-based intelligence throughout the organization and maintain market leadership? And, how to approach the ethical aspects of competitive intelligence and remain protected against competitors’ competitive intelligence activities? By leveraging the latest research, practitioners’ interviews, companies’ best practices, along with practical tools and guidelines, this book help organizations achieve their market-orientation strategy and maintain a sustainable competitive edge.

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Joël Le Bon

Joël Le Bon is a marketing professor at the University of Houston C.T. Bauer College of Business and director of executive education for the Sales Excellence Institute. He received a Bachelor of Arts …

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November 21, 2013





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