Calling Out COVID-19: Business Strategies for Surviving a Pompeii Event


We are currently experiencing the second wave of an unprecedented global pandemic–the COVID-19 crisis, which is destroying established industries such as tourism and attributing to the death of millions of people worldwide. The authors believe that the pandemic is analogous to the ancient Roman tragedy of Pompeii when the citadel was buried under four to six meters (13 to 20 feet) of volcanic ash and pumice in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79.
This book is written for business owners, entrepreneurs, leadership, or management teams in public or third sector and professionals who are currently dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic. It offers tools and techniques located in the economics of innovation, other frameworks such as the Fraud Triangle, and the authors extensive experience including rigorous cash management, practical fraud prevention, and detection and advice on implementing and refining corporate governance structures.
The book will also be of interest to postgraduate including MBA students and business researchers. The book concludes by summarizing the key theories that can be used to understand the impact of this Pompeii Event and pragmatic solutions to fight COVID-19. The authors argue that organizations rooted in foresight will survive and emerge as future trail blazers. An extensive appendix is also included which outlines the implications for financial reporting.

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About the Author(s)

Faisal Sheikh

Faisal Sheikh, BSc (Hons) FCCA FHEA FFA FIPA (Australia), is a lecturer at Salford Business School who specializes in teaching financial reporting and researching fraud.

Nigel Krishna Iyer

Nigel Krishna Iyer, BSc (Hons) MA ACA, remains a successful fraud detective helping organizations across the world identify and resolve fraud. He is also an established university teacher and dramatis…

Brian Leigh

Brian Leigh, BA (Hons) MSc FCCA,is a retired accounting academic who continues to write and advise higher education institutions.

Geetha A. Rubasundram

Geetha A. Rubasundram, CA (M) ACMA CGMA MSc, is a C-level executive based in the Gulf and researches white collar crime.

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May 20, 2021





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