Behind the Scenes of Health Care: Motivation and Commitment of Health Care Employees


Behind the Scenes of Health Care presents an extensive review of motivation and commitment among health care workers in support and bedside care roles. The publication includes two research studies: motivation and commitment of support
services employees in a health care environment and the correlation between patient experience feedback and nursing motivation and engagement. Additionally, the publication includes two case studies: cultural disruption in a health care system and a service organization review of turnover. Lastly, and most significantly, the publication provides a framework and model, The Tri-Factor Model, to assess and measure workplace dynamics of motivation, commitment, and culture that is also applicable to turnover analyses.
Readers of Behind the Scenes of Health Care are provided tools to understand motivation, commitment, and cultural components in the contemporary workplace that may be applied to any organization.


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Hesston L. Johnson

Dr. Hesston L. Johnson is an expert in the field of leadership and organizational behavior, with more than 15 years of experience in management and leadership. His expertise is in health care operatio…

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February 25, 2020





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