Jennifer Hancock


Jennifer Hancock is the author of several books, and founder of Humanist Learning Systems. Jennifer is unique in that she was raised as a freethinker and is one of the top speakers and writers in the world of humanism today… Read more

Happiness Through Humanism

Short posts about the Humanist philosophy designed to encourage people to live ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity.

How to build a thriving work culture

The key to creating a thriving workplace culture – is to be specific about what the values of this – thriving culture are. What are the values you want people to exemplify in their work and with each other?  This is why Humanistic Management is so important.

The number 1 tip – is to integrate ethical questions into every discussion.  What is the moral and right thing to do here? What is a good – and ethical outcome of this situation?

When people talk about workplace culture – they are really talking about morality and ethics. Which is apparently missing – or we wouldn’t be talking about culture.

One way to get an ethical workplace culture – is to make talking about what is ethical and good – part of the normal business practice and you do that – by asking the question – what is the moral thing to do.  Whether it has to do with helping a customer or figuring out how to get energy for your company, make sure to talk about ethics.


I just finished reading, Applied Humanism. I loved its clarity and straightforwardness. In many ways the writing is deceptively simple: the concepts and their applications are universal in appeal yet subtle in their implications for living and working in today’s world. – Chris Lazlo, Professor of Organizational Behavior, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio…

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