Mastering Project Management: PMP and Agile for Leaders


In today’s rapidly evolving professional landscape, mastering project management is paramount to achieving success. This book will meet the demand for a comprehensive resource that supports practical application and facilitates exam readiness.

Tailored for current and aspiring project managers across various industries and disciplines, it equips readers with transferable skills applicable worldwide. Embracing a holistic approach, the book delves into essential technical and managerial processes, fostering proficiency in management and leadership skills. Moreover, it serves as a valuable guide for navigating challenging certification exams like the PMP.

The content is presented concisely, minimizing the need for frequent glossary references, and includes practical tips for addressing complex questions. Designed to facilitate efficient study, the book utilizes concise table formats and promotes SMART learning techniques. Grounded in the PMBOK Guide and enriched with Agile principles, it offers a comprehensive yet succinct exploration of crucial topics.

May this book serve as a trusted companion on your journey to professional excellence–empowering you to achieve your goals with clarity, agility, and unwavering determination.

Improving Sustainability Through Information Governance


Leveraging Information Governance to Boost Sustainability offers a comprehensive exploration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) frameworks through the lenses of people, process, and technology.

Delving into the intricacies of strategic alignment, management principles, and risk management, the book emphasizes the vital connection between ESG and organizational sustainability.

This book begins by elucidating the significance of ESG, core frameworks, and regulatory mandates. Part two delves into Information Governance (IG) elements such as data management, privacy, and security, alongside relevant ISO standards. The final section outlines strategies for applying IG standards to enhance ESG reporting and outcomes.

Advocating for integrating IG best practices to bolster organizational ESG compliance efforts, this book is a must-read for leaders seeking to navigate the evolving landscape of climate risk reporting and sustainability.

Climate-Conscious Investing: Portfolios Aligned with the Paris Accords


In the face of the urgent global issue of climate change, this book, Climate-Conscious Investing: Portfolios Aligned with the Paris Accords, takes a deep dive into the intricacies and complexities of climate investing.

It explores climate investment themes, approaches, and processes and provides insights into constructing climate-conscious portfolios. The book also reviews successful climate-conscious investment cases, evolving policy developments, and regulatory changes and offers a glimpse into the future of climate-conscious investing.

This book stands out in financial literature for its innovative approach to integrating climate science with investment strategies. Unlike other books, it relies on meta-studies, ensuring that each conclusion drawn is up-to-date and deeply rooted in scientific consensus. This unique approach enhances the credibility of the investment advice and underscores the critical role of informed, science-based decision-making in addressing climate change through financial practices.

Climate-Conscious Investing is a must-read for investors, policymakers, asset managers, investees, regulators, civil society and academia, and anyone who recognizes the financial ecosystem’s critical role in addressing climate change.

Powerhouse Business Mentorship: A How-To Handbook for Mentors and Mentees


Powerhouse Business Mentorship is the Definitive Business/Entrepreneurial Mentoring Handbook

Mentoring embraces vision-building, handholding, numbers-crunching, and encouragement. It’s a two-way street consisting of the mentor (advisor/coach) and the mentee (the committed participant).

For the mentor, Powerhouse Business Mentorship offers powerful, success-oriented techniques and proven strategies that can assure a mutually effective mentorship experience. For the mentee, this book counsels on how to choose a mentor, how to control the process and how to get the most out of the relationship.

Mentoring is not all about ‘You need to do it this way, my way’, but more so ‘Tell me what you are trying to do and where you want this opportunity to take you’.

Powerhouse Business Mentorship also recounts Jay’s mentoring journeys. Some were great and delivered memorable outcomes, some merely good, and others best described as…‘colorful’.

Everything Jay has learned from his mentoring encounters has found its way into Powerhouse Business Mentorship.

Anyone leading or participating in mentorship needs to have Powerhouse Business Mentorship as their indispensable handbook.

Think by Design: Celebrating Design Thinking and Experiential Learning


Uncertainty has an upside. In Think by Design (TBD), you’ll practice a hands-on approach to combine design thinking and experiential learning in business education. Our world’s biggest challenges put pressure on everyone. These challenges require us to blend how we act with how we think. Through combined action and reflection, we learn to use what’s TBD as a problem-solving advantage.

TBD’s methods and tools humanize problem-solving. Through four chapters, you’ll practice design thinking in an experiential learning challenge characterized by authentic uncertainty. The challenge includes eight design thinking experiences and four retrospectives. Each chapter features a playful posture, used to activate core values. Templates and checklists equip you to collaborate using digital whiteboards. In the Conclusion, you’ll write a TBD Manifesto to prepare for future challenges.

TBD acts as a unique primer for design thinking fundamentals. This book is perfect for business educators and students in experiential, interdisciplinary collaborations. Business practitioners who want to incorporate digital whiteboards will also find the templates and checklists actionable.

Innovative Business Development: Implementing Transformation from Within


Integrating innovation successfully is a common challenge for businesses, but one that many struggle to overcome.

This book provides not only an understanding of why this happens but actionable steps to overcome it. Offering practical solutions and a fresh perspective, the book illustrates the correlation between innovation and business development and shows how they can complement each other to create a successful business strategy.

From identifying relevant problems to scouting for the right technology and building a meaningful network of partners, this book covers a wide range of topics. It is therefore ideal for a diverse range of professionals, including new entrepreneurs who want to understand how large corporations behave, novice business development, and innovation managers who want to learn best practices and effectively navigate their roles, and experienced professionals who are looking for a structured approach to incorporate innovation.

In particular, this book is perfect for executives who wish to become more innovative but are unsure how to do so effectively or that have tried and failed in the past. Regardless of experience level, this book offers practical guidance and a fresh perspective for taking innovation to the next level and driving it to successful execution.

Beyond Sustainability Reporting: The Pathway to Corporate Social Responsibility


How to Convert Sustainability Disclosure into Action

New standards such as those of the International Sustainability Standards Board and new regulations from the Securities and Exchange Commission are challenging companies to increase and improve their disclosure on what they are doing to support sustainability for their Environmental, Social and Governance activities.

Companies are responding by changing their controls and procedures to include sustainability processes. But is this enough? For companies that truly want to help with sustainability issues, the answer is no

What is needed is the more action-oriented approach laid out in this book, which:

  • Enables modifying the corporate strategic plans to include real sustainability actions.
  • Makes use of the skills developed in providing sustainability disclosures, such as integrated thinking.
  • Includes proper adoption of recognized standards for control procedures recognized by regulatory authorities.
  • Adapts traditional management change tools, such as SWOT and the Porter Five Forces Model to include sustainability.
  • Shows how to move the company from sustainability disclosure to integrated thinking to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Beyond Sustainability Reporting: Integrated Thinking and Corporate Social Responsibility is a must-read for any company wanting to make a strong contribution to sustainability issues, for educators who wish to teach sustainability issues and how to manage them, and for anyone interested in knowing how companies can develop a strong and successful action-oriented program for sustainability.

The Business-Minded CISCO: Run Your Security Program Efficiently


The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are creating new and unique challenges to corporate security leaders. Internal sanctioned and unsanctioned use of these tools, as well as how threat actors are employing them, requires cyber leaders to think differently. Information technology (IT) risk and information security management remain top of mind for corporate boards and senior business leaders. Continued intensity of cyber terrorism attacks, regulatory and compliance requirements, and customer privacy concerns are driving the need for a business-minded chief information security officer (CISO) to lead organizational efforts to protect critical infrastructure and sensitive data.

This book describes the thought process and specific activities a leader should consider as they interview for the IT risk/information security leader role, what they should do within their first 90 days, and how to organize, evangelize, and operate the program once they are into the job. It provides practical, tested strategies for designing your program and guidance to help you be successful long term.

Working in Business and Finance: An Insider’s No Nonsense Career Guide


Demystify the fascinating world of business and finance. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill career guide; think of it as your secret weapon, your backstage pass to the good, the bad, and the ugly. No more tiptoeing – we spill the beans on the pay, the hours, the perks, and the not-so-glamorous parts of the journey.

In this candid, concise, and comprehensive guide, we’ve condensed insider insights into a must-have manual for students and budding professionals. Whether it’s consulting, accounting, investment banking, sales and trading, private equity, venture capital, investment management, hedge fund, real estate, corporate finance, strategy and operations, product management, sales, marketing, or getting your MBA, we’ve got it all covered.

We’ve thrown in candid conversations with real-life trailblazers who’ve braved the same path you’re about to embark upon. Whether you’re a student mapping your future or a young professional hungry for success, this book will ensure you make career choices that you won’t regret.

Replace career confusion with confidence by learning the ins and outs of the career paths available to you. Your foray into a burgeoning career starts here.