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Business Expert Press was established in 2008 with input from faculty and academic librarians, and today, our ebooks, print titles, and digital libraries are used by hundreds of thousands of students. Business Expert Press publishes concise, practical treatments of the topics taught in MBA programs. Our born-digital books are written by professors who translate real-life business experiences into teaching tools, and serve as curriculum-oriented, cost-effective alternatives to high-priced textbooks. Unencumbered by DRM, they can be used easily and without limitation by the academic community.

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Cost-effective alternatives to high-priced textbooks written by teaching faculty to serve as course readings and reference materials, offering material not found in introductory-level textbooks or high-priced journals and databases. You’ll only find our 2016 and 2017 titles at BEP!


New In 2017!! — Subscription Model — Access to all BEP titles (over 500) – $4,500. Subscription can begin any time, and BEP will provide any one year permanent perpetual access of any one digital library when subscription ends.

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  • Unlimited simultaneous use
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  • Upload PDFs to learning management systems
  • Automatic citations, with copy/paste functions
  • Free MARC records, including OCLC numbers
  • DOIs, abstracts, and keywords for every book
  • Governed by SERU — no license required
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“The rights of the purchasing library are quite amazing for the price of the e-book collections. No other publishers or aggregators are even close to offering what BEP offers libraries.”
— Denise R. Gehring, Charleston Advisor, January 2017

“I ordered BEP, and have continued to add to the collection, due to the variety of timely business topics and the ease for students and faculty of downloading e-books.”
— Kay Oistad, Florida Gulf Coast University

BEP’s ebooks are now in use at UCLA, UNC / Chapel Hill, Purdue University, the University of Alberta, Indiana University, Duke University, the University of Nebraska, the University of Alabama, USC, Northeastern University, Portland State University, Penn State, Sacred Heart University, Rutgers University, and dozens of other top business schools!

“What I have long felt we lacked, and what BEP provides, are short, applied books by academic thought leaders, aimed specifically at advanced business students, which support their coursework and professional exploration.”
— Michael Oppenheim, UCLA

“The UNC library has purchased the Business Expert Press eBook collection from the beginning because…the titles…represent good value for a good price.”
— Luke Swindler, UNC/Chapel Hill

“Business Expert Press’s e-books give [business] students content that they need, when they need it, without any restrictions to limit their use.”
— Beth Bernhardt, UNC/Greensboro

Business Planning and Entrepreneurship: An Accounting Approach (by Michael Kraten)
“…practical guide to the functional elements that constitute a business plan and explains how these elements fit together…views the business plan components through the lens of “management accounting” and addresses six topical elements: the business model, volume estimation, cost estimation, revenue estimation, investment value, and risk management…antidote to the abundant business plan templates readily available on the Web, which are often fill-in-the-blanks exercises that discourage the comprehensive thought and analysis required to produce a solid business plan. Highly recommended.”
— CHOICE Magazine

“…really like the fact that there are very few restrictions on your product such as unlimited simultaneous use, no DRM, downloadable PDFs, availability of MARC records and no yearly fees.”
— Denise Gehring, Azusa Pacific University