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Human Resource Management

How To Get Paid, On Time and Every Time

Author : Ashton, Robert
Bio : Robert Ashton is a social entrepreneur, author, and campaigner
ISBN : 9781631576416
Publish Date : 2016/12/13
Page Count : 12
Description :
They say a deal is not a deal until the money’s in the bank. But too many neglect to make sure that payment is planned, scheduled and the deliverables defined tightly enough. Discover why so many get away with late payment and learn simple steps that can avoid this happening to you.

The Demise of Knowledge

Author : Nason, Rick
Bio : PhD, CFA, Dalhousie University
ISBN : 9781631576454
Publish Date : 2016/12/13
Page Count : 8
Description :
In an increasingly connected world that has Google, Linked-In and Wikipedia, knowledge is becoming more of a commodity while creativity, vision, coping with complexity and risk taking is becoming more important and more valuable. Unfortunately our education system and our hiring systems are still stuck in the 1950’s when knowledge was more important. This Insight focuses on why there needs to be a change in both hiring practices and in training and development to ensure a company has a competitive workforce.

The HR Practitioner

Author : Carrie Foster
Bio : Carrie Foster specializes in the facilitation of coaching, people management, and organization development interventions that deliver added value and a measurable ROI to bottom line performance.
ISBN : 9781631577819
Publish Date : 2017/3/7
Page Count : 20
Description :
How does the practice of HR differ from what you read about in the textbooks? All HR practitioners should have a keen interest in the latest thinking in their profession. However, what sets the best practitioners apart is the ability to apply their HR knowledge pragmatically and sympathetically to the context within which their organization is operating. This article provides a pragmatic guide to becoming a commercially aware HR practitioner.