Forthcoming Titles

  1. Business Analytics: A Data-Driven Decision-Making Approach For Business, Volume II
  2. Introduction To Business : A Primer On Basic Business Operations
  3. Understanding Behavioral BIA$ : A Guide To Improving Financial Decision-Making
  4. The 7-Step Method : A Practical Guide To Family Business Succession Planning And A Conflict Management Tool For Families In Business
  5. A Non-Technical Guide To International Accounting
  6. Capital Project Management, Volume I : Capital Project Strategy
  7. Capital Project Management, Volume II : Capital Project Finance
  8. The DNA Of Physician Leadership
  9. Capital Project Management, Volume III : Evolutionary Forces
  10. Aligning Technology With Business For Digital Transformation
  11. Decoding Customer Value At The Bottom Of The Pyramid : An Urban India Marketing Perspective
  12. Be Different! The Key To Business And Career Success
  13. Mastering The 7 Dimensions Of Business-Technology Alignment
  14. Political Dimensions Of The American Macroeconomy
  15. Reflections Of A Day Trader : Daily Lessons
  16. Delivering Effective Virtual Presentations
  17. Five Key Applications Of Accounting Information Systems
  18. Getting The Best Equipment Lease Deal : An Equipment Leasing Guide For Lessees
  19. The Olympic Sports Economy
  20. Untenable : A Leader’s Guide To Addressing The Big Issues That Are Ignored, Falsely Explained, Or Inappropriately Tolerated
  21. Uniquely Great : Concepts And Questions For Building A Stand-Out Organization
  22. Business Liability And Economic Damages, Second Edition
  23. Advancing Talent Development : Steps Toward A T-Model Infused Undergraduate Education
  24. Predictive Medicine : Artificial Intelligence And Its Impact On Healthcare Business Strategy
  25. Global Sustainable Capitalism
  26. Highly Effective Marketing Analytics : A Practical Guide To Improving Marketing ROI With Analytics
  27. The Entrepreneurial Adventure
  28. Conservative Options Trading : Hedging Strategies, Cash Cows, And Loss Recovery
  29. Equipment Leasing And Financing : A Product Sales And Business Profit Center Strategy
  30. Native American Entrepreneurs
  31. Risk Management For Nonprofit Organizations
  32. The Economics Of Online Gaming : A Player’s Introduction To Economic Thinking
  33. Successful Recruitment : How To Recruit The Right People For Your Business
  34. Projects, Programs, And Portfolios In Strategic Organizational Transformation
  35. Sustainability Performance And Reporting
  36. Present! Connect! : A Guide To Creating And Delivering Presentations That Capture, Entertain, And Connect To Any Audience
  37. Digital Disruption In Global Trade
  38. The Future Of Work : How Artificial Intelligence Can Augment Human Capabilities
  39. How To Succeed As A Solo Consultant : The Ultimate Guidebook
  40. Level-Up Leadership : Engaging Leaders For Success