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Mastering Managing and Building Teams

Author : Tim Woodman
Bio : Tim Woodman is the founder and managing director of two companies, Woodman Coaching and Management Learning & Coaching. Tim is a graduate in engineering, has a master’s in business administration, and is a qualified business coach. As a trainer and coach, he has been helping managers to manage well for over 16 years, besides being a practicing manager for over 35 years. Outside work, Tim has regularly achieved great success representing the Great British triathlon age group team.
ISBN : 9781631578120
Publish Date : 2017/09/15
Page Count : 6
Description :
In this article, you will find out what teamwork really is and how teams can achieve high performance. The problem is that if you ask a group of people to define teamwork, the answer you are more than likely to get is “The output is greater than the sum of the individual parts.” This is of course the output and does not define what team-working is, which is what most people struggle to identify and define. This article will identify exactly what team-working is and identify the characteristics that will tell you where the team is on a scale between just a group of individuals to high-performing team. This article will identify the steps any manager of a team can take to build the team and to take the guesswork out of how to build that team. It will also identify the stages teams go through and the way the manager of the team will need to adapt their leadership approach to deal with the changing team dynamics. It is hoped that this article will help managers gain clarity about how to identify where their team is, what they can do to develop their team, and how to lead the team in differing phases of the team’s development and to take the guesswork out of their approach.

Healthy Workforce: Are You Looking After The Staff That Are Looking After Your Business?

Author : Keith Grinstedt
Bio : Keith has worked with many start-up businesses over the years and has seen the things they have done right and the things they have done wrong! He has been made redundant six times in the past 18 years! Yes, he picked a few duff companies to work for. Though, in his defense, some of these were in the dot-com boom-and-bust years! He knows and understands the issues businesses face and how they must constantly review and in some cases, reinvent. Keith’s main message? DO IT! If you think you can stand still and do nothing, you will certainly get left behind ultimately fail.
ISBN : 9781631579516
Publish Date : 2017/7/31
Page Count : 8
Description :
This article considers the well-being of the people that work for you. They are looking after your business for you, but are you looking after them? Do you understand why they come to work and what motivates them? Are your business practices keeping them healthy in body and mind?