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Fast Track Your Results by Improving Your Productivity

Author : Jasmine Dumasia
Bio : Jasmine Dumasia, BCom, MBA, MSc, has worked variously in banking and as a public servant in the United Kingdom and in India and now part owns and runs two companies, one providing training and consultancy services to the financial industry as well as individuals and the other investing in property. She is also a sought-after freelance coach, trainer, and speaker on topics such as well-being, mental health, productivity, parenting, finance, peak performance, and strategy for individuals as well as companies. Her educational background is in finance and psychology, and she has a dual master’s, one being an MBA and the other an MSc (cross-cultural psychology). She lives in London with her husband, two sons, and her Labrador, Tara. She loves travelling, reading, writing, and meeting people.
ISBN : 9781631578045
Publish Date : 2017/6/26
Page Count : 16
Description :
Given that time is a finite and scarce resource, increasing personal productivity is one of the key ways to leverage the time you have, to get the results you want quicker and with the least effort possible. This guide helps you first to understand personal productivity and then moves on to laying out the three steps to becoming your most productive self: Goal, Plan and Action. Finally, it sets out top ten tips on how to achieve explosive productivity in every project you undertake, whether personal or professional.

Marketing Analytics Use in India: Resource and Productivity Gaps in an Emerging Economy

Author : Banerjee, Arindam
Bio : Professor of Marketing Indian Institute of Management
ISBN : 9781631576461
Publish Date : 2016/12/13
Page Count : 18
Description :
The paper provides an overview of the state of the Marketing Analytics practice in an emerging economy (India), its resource availability and its possible challenges for future growth. Twenty one middle and senior management executives from diverse sectors of industries in India were interviewed and their opinions were collated, and inferences were made on the broad dimensions affecting their practice. The data collection was intentionally kept open ended to be sensitive to respondents’ (and their organization’s) varied capabilities to address questions as well as to ensure that as many new dimensions of the industry were identified. Managers face challenges in accessing appropriate data sources to perform suitable analysis to support business decisions. Additionally, the motivation to invest in data infrastructure is somewhat moderated by high market growth that precludes the need for high end precision in decision making. However, with increasing competition in Indian markets, and movement of Analytics talent in the global arena, more awareness about its benefits will facilitate the deployment of advanced Analytics in India spearheaded by the multinational companies.