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Decision-making and Creative Thinking

Beyond Brainstorming: Creativity Techniques That Work

Author : Alan Barker
Bio : Alan Barker is managing director of Kairos Training Limited. For 25 years, he has trained and coached communication skills, speechwriting, creativity, problem solving, and innovation. He is the author of over 20 published books, which have been translated into 13 languages. He has an MA from the University of Cambridge.
ISBN : 9781631577079
Publish Date : 2017/3/27
Page Count : 14
Description :
We’re paid for results. And effective results demand good thinking. Yet we rarely think about thinking; indeed, most of us haven’t been taught to think. So, when we’re called upon to come up with new ideas, we’re often stuck. Brainstorming was invented as a system for generating ideas. It works—if you do it properly—and it’s spawned a host of other techniques that can unstick your thinking. You’ll find some of them here. You can use them immediately; none of them requires any special training or equipment. Use them to bring your meetings to life, investigate problems in new ways, increase your options for action, and generate innovative solutions.

The Art and Science of Better Storytelling: And How it Will Make You Better at Your Job

Author : Joe Lipscombe
Bio : Joe is a journalist, editorial strategist, and writer. He began his career as a political reporter before moving into business and technology. Today, he is the Middle East’s first director of content for Memac Ogilvy & Mather, based in Dubai, UAE. He specializes in content marketing strategies for government entities, Fortune 500 companies, country branding, and other major global brands. He has a keen interest in the science of storytelling, and is team qualitative, not quantitative.
ISBN : 9781631577550
Publish Date : 2017/9/15
Page Count : 24
Description :
Through my years as a feature journalist, delving into the marketing, advertising, and public relations world, I’ve relied upon the power of storytelling. Despite the changing mediums, the fundamentals have stayed the same. What this has taught me is that storytelling is a truly universal tool, with value for any kind of professional. Studying storytelling allows people to better understand emotion, empathy, connection, speech, delivery, and effective impact. All of these are critical business tools.

Where to Now?:Decision-Making in Business

Author : Keith Grinstedt
Bio : Keith has worked with many start-up businesses over the years and has seen the things they have done right and the things they have done wrong! He has been made redundant six times in the past 18 years! Yes, he picked a few duff companies to work for. Though, in his defense, some of these were in the dot-com boom-and-bust years! He knows and understands the issues businesses face and how they must constantly review and in some cases, reinvent. Keith’s main message? DO IT! If you think you can stand still and do nothing, you will certainly get left behind ultimately fail.
ISBN : 9781631579523
Publish Date : 2017/7/31
Page Count : 8
Description :
This article considers the types of decisions that businesses face from day to day whether strategic, tactical, or operational. It also provides some tools you may find useful in the decision-making process. The key message is that decisions have to be made, as avoiding them can make situations far worse.

Delegation: Leveraging Your Creative Edge: 99 tips, ideas, and activities to get your mind racing!

Author : Sally Fagan
Bio : Sally Fagan has extensive experience in business and management development both in the United Kingdom and overseas. As someone who never used to consider herself as creative, and who used to hate having to write imaginative English essays at school, she firmly believes that creativity is a skill that can be learned (or re-learned!). Constant practice and being around creative people have definitely helped, as well as learning how to ask good questions. Sally has written one pantomime, six plays, and several e-books; has ghost-written a book on leadership; and contributes as an author and subject expert for various magazines and learning websites.
ISBN : 9781631578380
Publish Date : 2017/7/31
Page Count : 26
Description :
As well as being for those who would like some fresh ideas on pushing their creativity, this article is for those who perhaps feel that they are not creative at all—doing the exercises here, following some tips, and examining your self-belief will help to dispel that feeling for good and put you on a path to self-discovery and a new creative you!