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Consumer And Social Influences On Business

Millennials Have Revolutionized Organizational Culture

Author : Debbie C. Flamenco de Morazan
Bio : Debbie C. Flamenco de Morazán is a graduate of psychology, with a master’s in human resources. Having lost her father at a very young age, she worked and studied since her ninth grade in school, moving up on her own with her hard work to reach her goals. She feels blessed to have a beautiful family of a supportive husband and two little daughters. With an inclination toward helping others, she was attracted to the idea of studying her specialization in coaching. Working in human resources area remains her passion.
ISBN : 9781631579752
Publish Date : 2017/6/26
Page Count : 8
Description :
Millennials have revolutionized the organizational culture because they have made companies change. That means that if companies must change, the people who are in them must change as well, and it is a positive transformation. They are making us better people, without worrying about the number which is the direct result of our behaviors. Without a shade of doubt, this is going to leave a mark in history.