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Community Management and Innovation

Five Tools Designed To Harness The Power Of Community In Business

Author : Nathan Phillander
Bio : Nathan Phillander is a young, thought-provoking professional speaker with unrivalled passion. Inspired by what lies behind why we do what we do as humans and how to optimize it, he is studying psychology at the University of Cape Town. He is involved with various NGOs looking to “build community” globally.
ISBN : 9781947098114
Publish Date : 2017/6/26
Page Count : 8
Description :
Superstars are overrated. It is easy to pass off an individual as brilliant, but an exceptional team is harder to dispute. Humans have thrived on working together in community for centuries. Why then, do we abandon this for hierarchical structures and the cutthroat world of business? What if teams were rooted in elements of community and sought to uplift one another; and as a whole, strived to greater levels as a team? If a team is elevated, so is the entire business. This article looks at the tools to building community in our businesses to harness the power that has seen humans thrive for centuries.