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Business Compliance

Bullying and Business Liability

Author : Kelly VanBuskirk
Bio : Kelly VanBuskirk, QC, PhD, CArb, is a Canadian lawyer and arbitrator who has been extensively involved in the field of workplace law for more than twenty years. He is an adjunct professor in the faculty of business and a part-time instructor in the faculty of law at the University of New Brunswick.
ISBN : 9781947098411
Publish Date : 2017/9/15
Page Count : 14
Description :
Since at least the 1990s, workplace bullying has been a major legal issue facing business organizations. 1 In fact, studies have suggested that incidents of workplace bullying are more common than other forms of harassment, such as sexual harassment and racial discrimination. 2 The effects of bullying on the health and morale of individual victims have been found to be substantial, 3 and bullying has also been found to substantially affect the organizations that employ bullies. 4 In Canada, the legal consequences of workplace bullying have been unclear to date.5 As a result; business owners and managers may misunderstand what constitutes workplace bullying and what its implications are, including the liability risks that it presents. This article will explore the potential legal ramifications of workplace bullying in Canada so that organizations can better understand how workplace bullying incidents may affect them.

The American Disability Act: And What it Means for Website Owners

Author : Scott Whitehead
Bio : Specialist in American Disability Act Website Compliance. Digital Media Expert, Founder of Compliant.Website
ISBN : 9781631578182
Publish Date : 2017/3/7
Page Count : 12
Description :
Across the USA companies lose business and run risk of lawsuits and damages sort for not making their websites complaint with the ADA. This time sensitive article outlines the issue, tips and tricks to ensure website owners can design, test and measure their digital footprint to be sure to be compliant.