Expert Insights are short articles designed to provide readers with a professional “tune-up” no matter what your job might be…

What is an Expert Insight?

The one constant in today’s global business environment is change. For a business to remain competitive, it, too, must change. And whether that change is successful depends on how well its people adapt to change and harness it to their own and their company’s advantage.

It is estimated that Millennials will change jobs at least four times in the first decade of their working life. And for those who remain in the same job, the organization for which they are working is likely to change as well—and require their employees to adapt, change and grow. Lifetime learning has never been more necessary than it is today.

Whether you are looking for a job, changing jobs or your job is changing, your knowledge base will be in constant need of replenishing; and your professional and personal skills set will need updating and enhancement as well. Having access to Business Expert Press’s Expert Insights Database will provide you with the resource you need to keep your knowledge of your profession current and your professional skills set sharp and nimble.

Expert Insights are short articles designed to provide readers with a professional “tune-up” no matter what your job might be. Whether you need to learn how to use social media, deliver better presentations, improve your skills in managing your time, your risk, your customers or manage and lead the people or projects you’ve been assigned, the instruction and guidance you need is likely to be found in our series.

What is an Expert Insight?

  • University librarians will find the series to be a distinctive and useful addition to their digital collections. These short articles will be of interest to students who are seeking to enhance specific skills as they prepare to receive their degrees and begin their job searches.
  • Corporate librarians and training directors will welcome an additional resource stream for their employees, for whom skill-building and knowledge enhancement has become an imperative.
  • Students of business in general and executive education students in particular will benefit from the general knowledge enhancement and specific skill-building techniques that these articles provide.
  • Instructors of MBA or EMBA courses, might use a selection of Expert Insights as a comprehensive reference resource or as the centerpiece of a course pack, customized to fit any number of custom-designed courses.
  • Professionals and practitioners of all stripes are likely to find an article or series of articles that will help them build on and expand their own skills in the jobs they perform.