Business Expert Press is looking for applied, concise books aimed at executives and advanced business students. You are the expert and, as such, we encourage you to publish with Business Expert Press to help disseminate your ideas and represent your particular area of expertise. Students and business people are asking for concise, reliable information that is current, accurate, actionable, and trustworthy–information that can be consumed in a short amount of time and put to use immediately.

Our readers are business professionals and consumers as well as MBA and executive education students. They are accomplished, engaged, and busy. They have a huge appetite for knowledge, but want to consume it as quickly as possible.

Once you have your book idea or manuscript for us to consider, you will complete a proposal form for us. Then our Acquisitions Editor and Collections Editor will review your material and provide useful feedback.



All of our manuscripts undergo a complete copyedit, editing for grammar, clarity, syntax, and stylistic elements–such as they treatment of special terms and equations. We work closely with you to ensure a quality result you are proud of.