Stakeholder-led Project Management, Second Edition: Changing the Way We Manage Projects


If stakeholders matter, then they must make a difierence in the way we plan, structure, and execute projects. Do they matter on your projects?
This book provides a stakeholder-centered analysis of projects and explains which identification, analysis, communication, and engagement models are relevant to difierent types of projects: from an office move to IT enterprise change to transformational business change and complex social change.
Using case studies from around the world, it illustrates what goes wrong when stakeholders are not engaged successfully and what lessons we can learn from these examples.
In this second edition, we also look at the impact of Agile practices on the stakeholder management process. What changes in approach can we anticipate, and what practices must continue regardless of the product development life cycle adopted?
Key models introduced include:
‧ Role-based and agenda-based stakeholders
‧ The stakeholder-neutral to stakeholder-led project continuum
‧ The extended stakeholder management process
‧ Purposeful communication—the six whys model for communication
‧ The principles of stakeholder engagement
‧ Stakeholder engagement in an agile world.

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