Digital Marketing Management, Second Edition: A Handbook for the Current (or Future) CEO

This book is for managers and would-be managers who need to upgrade their knowledge of digital marketing. Told from the perspective of marketing strategy, it puts digital marketing in the context of firm strategy selection. The first step in digital marketing is to understand your company and your brand. The next step is to put content and keywords on your web and mobile sites so that they can be found in search. Then use the delivery platforms of digital content, e-mail, social, and mobile, to deploy that content to the customer. The final topics in the book focus on the importance of data management and privacy as well as the emerging roles of analytics, artificial intelligence and marketing automation.
Without quality data, no digital marketing program can be successful. This data can then be used in data analytics applications for predictive modeling. After reading this book, the reader will have a good idea of where to start on the path to an integrated digital marketing management strategy. Each chapter concludes with a list of action steps or “what to do next” to get started on implementing a digital marketing strategy as well as review questions and key terminology.


Comes With Ancillaries!
“The author has prepared an Instructor Manual, Power Points, Quiz questions and a sample syllabus for teaching at the Master’s level. The material can be used in an upper-level MBA marketing or marketing management course or a digital marketing course at the Master’s level. This material helps faculty teach digital marketing in a strategic way at the Master’s level and incorporates exercises and discussion questions and a major project, a digital marketing plan. Students learn not only how to think strategically about digital marketing but how to apply it in the planning and implementation stages of marketing management.”

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