Blockchain Hurricane: Origins, Applications, and Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Are you struggling to understand blockchain and cryptocurrency? Do you need a clear explanation for your MBA studies or to make effective decisions in your business? This book unlocks the mysteries of blockchain, giving you:
– A clear non-technical guide to the language of blockchain, cryptocurrency and distributed ledgers
– An insight into the development of cryptocurrencies, the technology which makes them work, and why this is exciting for enterprise
– Real life examples of blockchain applications in supply chains, insurance, financial services, utilities, large scale capital projects, and government.
– Innovative ideas for economic growth emerging from gaming
– An overview of future opportunities and perceived threats
Kate Baucherel BA(Hons) FCMA CGMA has been working with blockchain projects since 2015, consulting with businesses from startups to blue chip multinationals who are embracing this exciting technology. She has a dual financial and technical background and is a regular keynote and panel speaker on blockchain and cryptocurrency. She lectures at Teesside University in both the Business School and the School of Computing, and has worked with several professional bodies to develop training and qualifications. Kate also co-authors the What’s Hot in Blockchain and Crypto series, and writes near future science fiction for fun.
“This book gives a clear and balanced account of BC and DLT technology, it's pros and cons, and where it should be used and where it shouldn't.”
“Kate is an excellent writer and we need more books like this to explain blockchain for business in such a pragmatic fashion. A must read.”

“…even to a layman … it illuminates the subject, goes beyond the jargon and throws enough humor into the mix to make reading it an informed pleasure.”

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