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Jennifer Hancock

Important Leadership Skills for Workplace Success
People are more critical than ever to the success of a business. But to get people to perform, they need to be inspired by a leader. But what are the skills that every great leader possesses? Are they different now than they used to be? And, can these skills be taught and learned?

I think there are 7 principles of humanistic leadership – and yes – they can be learned and practice. In fact, practicing these skills is key to success. These principles are…

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John Friedman

‘We want to be a loved brand’ is the charge that marketers and communicators hear every day. And yet there are some fundamental lessons from the dating world that they need to consider if they want to build a sustainable relationship and not just engage in a series of one-night stands.

You can’t be loved by everyone – nor should you be.

We all know that we cannot be loved by everyone we meet, and yet businesses often aspire to be ‘loved’ brands without consider whom they want to love them and why.

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Myron Beard

One of the impediments to organizational growth in healthcare is a paucity of people ready to take on larger responsibilities. Employment rates in healthcare are growing much faster than in other sectors. According to the Center for Health Workforce Studies, healthcare job growth has increased by 20 percent from 2004-2014 and expected to grow another 22 percent by 2024. In a very low unemployment market, demand far exceeds supply. Yet, when executives lodge this complaint, I remind them that there’s only one way to prepare workers for elevation: help them develop their skills and proficiencies! Rather than simply adding new employees, grow the ones you have!