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ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute

The Institute of South East Asian Studies is a regional research center dedicated to the study of socio-political, security and economic trends and developments in Southeast Asia and its wider geostrategic and economic environment. The publication unit of ISEAS has published over 2,000 scholarly books and journals since 1971. It focuses on economics, politics and social issues in Southeast Asia.

The aim of the Institute is to nurture a community of scholars interested in the region and to engage in research on the multi-faceted dimensions and issues of stability and security, economic development, political, social and cultural change. The intention is not only to stimulate research and debate within scholarly circles but also to enhance public awareness of the region and facilitate the search for viable solutions to the varied problems confronting the region.

ISEAS is dedicated to long-term reflective analysis and investigation in the best traditions of scholarship. The Institute also seeks to stimulate thinking and explore solutions to some of the major salient issues in the region. To achieve these aims, the Institute conducts a range of research programs, holds conferences, workshops, lectures and seminars, publishes research journals and books, and generally provides a range of research support facilities, including a large library collection.

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