A to Z Guide to Dissertation and Thesis Writing

Author : Michael J. Hunt
Bio : Michael J. Hunt, the author of the A to Z Guide to Dissertation and Thesis Writing is a graduate of Keele University, Staffordshire, and is now an editor and novelist. He learned the editing craft while serving a printing apprenticeship many years ago, and he has had over ten years’ experience in editing essays, dissertations, and theses, mainly for ESL students and academics.
ISBN : 9781631578427
Publish Date : 2017/3/21
Page Count : 32
Description :
An easy-to-use Guide, copiously cross-referenced, for students looking for quick solutions to the difficulties that academic writing presents and for those who need to know how dissertations and theses are structured, how to prepare for them, what should be put into them, the best way to present them and the problems they’re likely to encounter when writing them. It will also be useful for academics seeking career advancement or wishing to submit articles to professional journals.

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