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Do you know who is using your contents?  

You can get comprehensive usage reports, where you can monitor usage by faculties (right down to individual end-user level), so that you can objectively analyze the Return on Investment (ROI) for your subscriptions.  With RemoteXs, you can have almost real-time usage report (up to the last one hour), and slice and dice the reports anyway you want to see it.

Is your contents safe?  

Security – you can set maximum limits on downloads (PDF/data), so that if your network were comprised, the unauthorized downloads will be restricted, and will not experience service interruptions from publishers.  RemoteXs drastically limits robotic downloads and unauthorized access.

Do you have limited budget?  

NO upfront licensing fee, NO investment on IT infrastructure or IT Personnel to maintain Proxy server.

RemoteXs is a Single-Window Platform to access all eResources

RemoteXs has enabled all leading institutions (academic or research) in optimizing usage of the precious eResources and nurturing research interests of faculty and their students. It has an ability to provide secured access to scattered eResources of the institution, bringing them under one umbrella, including subscribed eJournals, eBooks, and all other eContent.


RemoteXs is a cost-effective cloud-based service model has enabled libraries in creating their own Digital Library Portal with facilities to reach their target audiences in efficient manner. It has freed  institutions  from  investing and maintaining huge hardware infrastructure of eMail servers, central servers, bandwidth costs, IP address registrations etc. RemoteXs has empowered institutions in systematically imbibing research values among faculty and students and take right steps in creating a knowledge‐base of their own.

Key Benefits:

  • Proxy Based “Remote Access” Solution
  • Allow library users to access library e-resources any time any where (off-campus)
  • Work with all Content Providers that support IP Authentication
  • Software As A Service (SaaS) and hosted on Amazon AWS
  • Comprehensive usage report up to User level – track ROI on subscriptions
  • Prevent Robotic Downloads and Unauthorized Access
  • NO upfront licensing fee, NO investment on IT infrastructure or IT Personnel to maintain server
  • Free the Library bandwidth for Out Of Campus access
Hosted locally in customer library server
Need investment in IT Personnel and Infrastructure to
No support on installation and setup apart from guide
Charge upfront licensing fee and yearly maintenance fee
Access speed depends on library’s bandwidth allocated for the tool
Onsite support depends on local vendor capability
Only provides standard web server log file format. Vendor charge additional service to provide usage statistic with basic analysis
Cloud Hosted on Amazon AWS
Minimal IT knowledge for monitoring RemoteXs via admin dashboard
RemoteXs tech support will get everything up and running within 72 hours
Only charge yearly maintenance fee
Access speed is not hindered and do not take up customer bandwidth
Online support available and answer within 24 hours
RemoteXs provide comprehensive usage statistic down to user level and can be used for detailed usage analysis

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